Why You Should Go to an Urgent Care to Treat Your Headache?

Mrs. James, 45 years old woman is one of the patients of Express Healthcare, LLC. She shared her story with us about her headache attacks and her experience with our services in Express Healthcare.

“I had a Migraine attack for three days. It’s out of control, has lasted long enough to be classified as status Migrainous, and I know I need help. It’s also the weekend, and nobody is in at my doctor’s office. Sound familiar to anyone? Unfortunately, this scenario or at least one that’s similar is familiar to all too many people who suffer from Migraine disease or severe headaches.” She continued:

“Over the years, I’ve “heard” many accounts of visits to the Emergency Room and Urgent Care facilities. Many of us have been treated well and with respect in both places, but I usually wait time less than an hour in the Urgent Care (UC) versus while in the Emergency Room (ER) I usually spend more time waiting. At the urgent care the medical staff is all as professional as the staff in the ER, polite and respectful. The diagnosis for my problem was clearly explained by the physician in the urgent care and the treatment was very effective too.

The physician provided me with a home care plan prior to leaving and gave me instructions about what to do if the headache/migraine returned, she added. So my level of satisfaction with overall experience was %100.  Since that time I decided to go to the urgent care clinic instead of ER whenever I experience headache again.

“While the ER is familiar to many people, I encourage headache sufferers to consider their local urgent care facility the next time they require immediate headache treatment, I really recommend this from my own experience” said Mrs. James.

Express Healthcare Walk-in Clinic

Dr. Jamal Fadul of Express Healthcare with his patient

A lot of patients with headache had far more positive experiences at urgent care facilities than emergency rooms. If you are a headache or Migraine sufferer who occasionally needs emergency care, this is absolutely something to keep in mind. If your healthcare is covered by insurance, however, it would be prudent to check in advance to see if care at an urgent care facility is covered by your insurance plan. Some plans cover ER visits, but not UC visits. Some will cover either, but only if you are referred there by your primary physician. In Express Healthcare, we accept most insurance plans. In Express urgent care, we save you time and money.

5 thoughts on “Why You Should Go to an Urgent Care to Treat Your Headache?

  1. Riaisy

    great sharing, I apply a ginger, It blocks the protoglandins that cause pain and inflammation in the blood vessels of the brain. Take 1/3 tsp either fresh or powdered when you feel a headache coming on

  2. Annika Larson

    I get awful headaches, and at times they require medical attention. I hadn’t previously really thought of going to urgent care for my headaches, but this makes sense. As you mentioned, the urgent care often has less wait time and still has the professional medical staff needed. Thanks for sharing this helpful article!

  3. Scott Adams

    I like that you talked about how you don’t need to be waiting as long in urgent care, when you are experiencing less of a medical emergency. I sprained my foot pretty badly yesterday and I can’t really walk. I’ll probably try urgent care because I’m not at any risk of death.


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